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Difference between Microsoft Graph and Azure Graph

Telkom University uses the API service to handle users in Azure Active Directory, applications that use it are for SSO to obtain an Office 365 license and for E-Learning Application Login (CeLOE).


the main difference is:

  1. Azure Graph can only be used for / specifically for .Net applications
  2. Microsoft Graph can be used for a variety of application languages

Gaps between Microsoft Graph and Azure AD Graph

AAD Graph Capability

Status in Microsoft Graph (February 20, 2019)
1. Differential query (aka delta sync) for users, groups and organizational contacts GA availability with Delta Query.Delta query on organizational contacts is not available but is planned (see below).

Sync from now and some other new capabilities like scoping filters (track changes on one or more users or groups) are supported in Delta Query.

2. Organizational contact resource type Preview recently updated with a restructured resource, as we ready for release to GA, very soon.
3.     Management of applications including:a.   Application and service principal entity types

b.   Managing assignment of applications to users and groups

c.   Assigning OAuth permissions to apps

Application and service principal are available in preview.Extensive breaking changes are planned over the coming few months for application APIs, in preview, before this rolls out to Microsoft Graph v1.0.
4.     Partner admin on behalf of capability (for resellers and syndicators who are part of the Cloud Solution Provider program) GA availability.  See CSP support in Microsoft Graph.
5.     Domain resource type (mainly relevant for Cloud Solution Providers) GA availability. See Domain.

This now includes the ability to forcefully delete a domain.

6.     Contracts resource type (only relevant for Cloud Solution Providers) GA availability. See Contract.
7.     Registering directory schema extension definitions GA availability. Extending resources with application data is available with Extensions and schema extensions.NOTE: Not available for extending application or service principal resource types.
8.     Batching Available in preview. See JSON batching
9.     Missing properties on the User resources (sipProxyAddress, otherMails, licenseDetails) GA availability: See User.This was recently updated to add otherMails, faxNumber, employeeId and other properties. With the exception of managing users in a B2C tenant (see below), the User resource in Microsoft Graph is now at parity with Azure AD Graph, and contains additional properties and capabilities (like restoring deleted users) over and above Azure AD Graph.
10.  GetObjectsByObjectIds method GA availability. See getByIds method.
11.  IsMemberOf method Not planned.  Use checkMemberGroups method instead.
12.  Manage users in a B2C tenant (set local accounts, sign in names)

Coming soon to preview, in a few months.


13.  Policy

Policy resource is available in preview.  However some significant breaking changes are planned, before this is GA.


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