Bikin patties burger daging kambing enak dan mengenyangkan

Make mutton burger patties

Checking the refrigerator, it turns out that there is still stock of goat meat for Eid al-Adha sacrifice yesterday. It’s great to have bread..

Children agreed to contrived meat burger

So let’s make mutton burger patties custom by hilfan’s squad..

Existing ingredients:

  • meat goat
  • egg yolk
  • bread crumbs
  • onion
  • pepper
  • salt

The dosage for all these ingredients is sufficient.

quite tasty

delicious enough

enough to family eat

quite filling

making process

the initial phase is resource gathering

Check what your food needs are

check what you have

check your processing skills

after getting all the data, proceed to the next phase

project plan

enough to think about and estimate, if it’s enough to imagine, enter the next action plan

but if you don’t master the resources, then write down the project , and submit it to your home CFO! (your wife dude… LOL)


grind the meat , then stir with the egg yolks, breadcrumbs, chopped onions, add salt and pepper

while development , the infrastructure section prepares the grill with the margarine

grind the meat , you must use a meat grinder so that the texture of the meat is delicious

If you don’t have a meat grinder , you can also use a blender, but the texture of the meat becomes fibrous

While grinding the meat , don’t forget to chop the onions

campur adonan daging dengan bawang bombay, tepung roti, kuning telur, garam, merica

mix the meat mixture with onions, bread flour, egg yolks, salt, pepper

in sunda the next process is “emek-emek” that dough to be completely mix, with gentle and full of love to feed family’s

allow a few moments for the bread flour to blend / seep into the meat

very happy troops when making dough

the size wants it to be thick and thin depending on who is coding

quality assurance

Before all the dough is fried, you should test the water first

test product

fry one petties…

and it turned out to be right

go to production

fry all the dough according to the squad’s handprints

prepare a place to grill the petties

fierce until the petties color turns brown

soft launching

While it’s been done, the distribution has also been carried out to several hungry stomachs..

so that it can be seen what kind of consumer response to the products made

immediately distribute the results to consumers

grand launching

didn’t rush to cut the ribbon for the grand launching, the mutton burger patties ran out

so here it is our unimportant tutorial , hopefully it will be useful for the Indonesian people .

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