Author: Hilfan Soeltansyah

Bapak dari 2 anak lelaki, yang memiliki passion di kewirausahaan dalam bidang ICT, nyambi kerja di dunia pendidikan Telkom University sebagai Asman RnD di Direktorat Sistem Informasi Tel-U.

Changes to Creative Cloud Download Availability and Usage

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe have an update to share with you regarding Creative Cloud version download availability. For customers who have not yet updated to the latest version of Creative Cloud, please note that you are no longer licensed to use certain older versions of the applications or deploy packages containing these older […]

Good behavior (Adab) of knowledge prosecutors

Adab Penuntut Ilmu

The nature of Zuhud is interpreted by not doing anything that is haram and keeping away from everything that plunges into prohibition by refraining from syubhat and not wanting what others have. It was narrated from Imam As-Syafi’i rahimahullah he said, “If there is someone who has the character to […]

Red Hat OpenShift on Azure

[Webinar] Red Hat OpenShift on Azure – why it is great news for your business As more and more companies start to tap on containers for its agility and flexibility, developers need a way to easily orchestrate and manage these applications across. Join our webinar to understand how Red Hat […]

Update Services Menu For Your Blog to be Know by the Internet more Fast

Update Services Wordpress

Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC ping each time you create or update a post. In turn, Update Services process the ping and updates their proprietary indices with your update. […]