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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Hilfan blog on Tel-U. We strive to maintain the trust of site users by protecting information that is private and confidential. By visiting and registering as a member of this site, the user agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. This web can change the terms and conditions, users are expected to periodically check this site.

These web user provisions will explain how we collect, use, disclose and protect various information relating to the use of this site. This site is owned and operated by Hilfan.

This web has the right to load, not load, edit, and / or delete data / information submitted by the reader.

User Account Information Terms
This web collects some information when users use this site. Users voluntarily enter personal data, such as username, first and last name, date of birth, telephone number and email address. The narrative will also keep a record of user activities both writing comments or sharing with third parties. This is done to find out user preferences.

Provisions for Information from Third Parties
When a user enters / registers on this Web from a third party (Google / Twitter / Facebook), the user agrees to give access to this third party’s personal data to the Web. Personal data will be used to improve this Web service to users.

Provisions on Location Data
Location data includes GPS coordinates and the like can be recorded by this Web service when a user accesses the site. This location data can present information about how users access the Web and the accuracy of services for users.

Provisions for Commercial Communication
This web can send emails in the form of newsletters and promotions. There is an option for users who do not want to receive this information.

Terms of Use of Information About Users
User information in the form of cookies, log files, device identifiers, location data and information clear Gifs Web is used to make it easier for users to access services again without the need to re-enter information, provide content and personal information.
This web will not provide or trade user information to third parties, other than business partners to provide services. The user must adjust the profile settings. Public information can be tracked and found by other users. If any information is deleted, the trace can be re-viewed on the cached and archived service pages, or if other users have created adaptations or stored related information.

This web also has the right to sell or transfer the Hilfan Blog and its shares, as well as a combination of products, services, assets and / or business. User information such as name, email address, user content and other user information can be included in the transaction.

Any questions regarding the privacy policy can be sent directly to @hilfans.

Changes to the conditions of our users
We will provide information if there is a change in privacy policy. This privacy policy was updated on November 28, 2018.

The terms and conditions in this privacy policy are subject to the laws that apply in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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