Abu Lahab had all but useless for him

Uncle of the Prophet ﷺ that lived in the apostolic there were four people. Two people believe in the message of Islam and Kufr even against the other two. Two people who believe is Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib and al-Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib Allaah ‘anhuma. One person to help and protect, not oppose his message, but he did not accept Islam he brought. In Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib. And the fourth was Abdul Uzza bin Abdul Muttalib. He opposed and hostile to his nephew. Even the cast of the idolaters who fought him ﷺ.

harta-kekayaan-duniawiThis last name we are familiar with Abu Lahab. And the Quran preserve it by that name.

The physical nature

Through the film and images, Abu Lahab was introduced with ugly stature (not looking) and black. So the impression of a villain so fierce match with his appearance. However, historians have narrated that Abu Lahab was the figure of a very white skin. A handsome man and very bright face. So people know her ignorance.

The lesson for us, Abu Lahab had a glorious nasab. A Quraysh. Uncle of the best human and foremost apostle, Muhammad ﷺ. Has a position in the midst of his people. Has a handsome face. But everything is nothing without faith. God ﷻ degrade him to record it as a calamity. And read by humans until the Day of Judgment in the Quran al-Masad.

While Bilal bin Rabah. Slave, black, nor handsome, and away from the position as well as the establishment. But God ﷻ honored with faith. Therefore, do not be fooled by the state.


Prophet ﷺ said,

إِنَّ اللَّهَ لاَ يَنْظُرُ إِلَى صُوَرِكُمْ وَأَمْوَالِكُمْ وَلَكِنْ يَنْظُرُ إِلَى قُلُوبِكُمْ وَأَعْمَالِكُمْ

“Allah does not look at the shape of your appearance and possessions. However, God is look at your heart and your deeds. “(HR. Muslim no. 2564).


Why we called him Abu Lahab?

Kun-yah of Abdul Uzza bin Abdul Muthalib was Abu Lahab. Lahab means fire. Because Abdul Uzza when angry, his face turned red hue like fire. With this kun-yah Qur’an call and not by his real name.

The reason:

First: Because the Qur’an does not mention the name of the element of servitude to other than Allah. His name was Abdul Uzza which means servant Uzza. Uzza was pagan idolaters of Mecca.

Second: People are more familiar with kun-yah than his name.

Third: Imam al-Qurthubi rahimahullah said in his commentary that the original name is more noble than kun-yah. Therefore, God calls all prophets with their names as breeding. And called Abu Lahab_ kun-yah. Because kun-yah position below the name. This is according to al-Qurthubi rahimahullah.

People in his time also known Abu Lahab Abu Utbah (father Utbah). However, due to disbelief, Allah ﷻ perpetuate the name of Abu Lahab him. Actually, he is an intelligent character Mecca. Affection with his wit and cleverness of no benefit at all on the side of God, for he used to contemplate the truth of Islamic law which is straight.


al-quranHis children

Abu Lahab had three sons. They are Utbah, Mut’ib, and Utaibah. Two first names embraced in Islam when Fathu Mecca. While Utaibah remain in kufr.

Among the habits of the Arabs are married people in the circle of immediate family. Before becoming apostles, the Prophet ﷺ marry his daughter, Umm Kulthum with Utaibah and Rukayya with Utbah. When surat Al-Masad down, Abu Lahab told his sons, “My head of your head are bastard, before you divorce the daughters of Muhammad !!”, said Abu Lahab. He threatened her sons will not meet and talk to them before divorcing daughter Prophet ﷺ.

When Utaibah want bersafar with his father toward Syria, he said, “Would I met Muhammad. I will harm him and I bother his religion. When in front of him I told him, ‘O Muhammad, I Kufr with the star when it goes down, and when he grew closer and closer …’ Then Utaibah spitting in the face of prophet and then divorce her child, Ummu Kulthum.

The Prophet ﷺ ugliness pray for him, “O Allah, destroy him with the dog of dogs.” (Hasan by al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Bari, 4/39). Utaibah was killed attacked by a lion.

While Abu Lahab died 7 days after the Battle of Badr. He had boils all over his body. 3 day his body was abandoned. Nobody wants to approach the carcass uncircumcised. Embarrassed, the family dug a hole then pushed Abu Lahab with long wood to go into the hole. Then they Hit the grave with stones until her body was buried. No one was willing to carrying his body, for fear of contracting the disease. He died with the worst kind of death.


Couple In Ugliness

The wife of Abu Lahab was Ummu Jamil Aura ‘. The name is not as beautiful as the original characters. He was immortalized in a letter al-Masad as a woman carrying firewood. The treatment is very bad for the Prophet ﷺ. He placed the wood and thistles in the usual way passed by Prophet ﷺ in the evening so that the Prophet hurt. He is equally bad with her husband.

Ummu Jamil is a woman who likes to set fire pit and hostility in society. She has expensive necklace of gems, “For the sake of al-Lat and al-Uzza, I’ll donate this necklace to fight against Muhammad”, he said. God ﷻ replace it with a beautiful necklace from the fire of Hell rope to tie his neck in hell.

When God ﷻ degrade al-Masad letter that criticized him and the husband, this wretched woman went straight to the Prophet ﷺ. Carrying a piece of sharp stones, he entered the Masjid al-Haram. Rasulullah ﷺ with Abu Bakr were there. When approached, God ﷻ blinded his eyes from seeing the Prophet ﷺ. She saw only Abu Bakr. There was no Muhammad ﷺ beside him.

“O Abu Bakar, I heard your friend was teasing me and my husband! By God, if I would meet him at his face with a rock I have !! “he snapped with emotion.

Then he verse,

مُذمماً عصينا ، وأمره أبينا ، ودينه قلينا

People reproach us about our affairs ignore
And we do not like his religion

He changed the name of Muhammad (which is commendable) with Mudzammam (despicable). Then he was gone.

Abu Bakar asked surprised, “O Messenger of Allah, do you think he saw you?”

“He did not see. God has covered his eyes off me, “replied the Prophet ﷺ.




First: Abu Lahab had everything. He bears nasab noble, nobleman of the Bani Hashim. Respected and has a position in the midst of his people. Uncle best man of all time. Handsome. An intelligent and clever decide the issue. His profession was a businessman, taking goods from Syria to be supplied in Mecca or otherwise. But not at all helpful for him. Therefore, one should not be fooled by the world he has. Moreover, who does not own the world.

Second: Physical appearance, position, wealth, is not it worth following the reference person and listened to his words. Because we often see today, the rich more heard and followed out of the scholars. When a business motivator, those with higher academic degrees, speak of religious, lay people directly vote a truth.

Third: Couple someone it depends on the quality itself. She is like a mirror personality.

Fourth: Hidayah Islam and the faith was costly and precious. A pleasure that God does not give to the family of the prophet. Son Noah, wife of Prophet Luth, Abraham’s father and uncle of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Abu Thalib and Abu Lahab, do not get this pleasure. therefore, we deserve to be grateful. God chose us to be a Muslim, while most families are not prophets. No wonder we are grateful for this favor by studying Islam, practice, and disseminating it.


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By Nufitri Hadi (@nfhadi07)


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