About Me

Father of 2 sons and husband of a woman. Like the brain tinkering with something, during leisure time. From the modified die cast to repairing household appliances, from repairing home electricity to software.

This blog is an important media record for me, especially for storing articles that in my opinion are very useful. Instead of bothering to save on the hard drive, at least with this blog the existing articles can also be useful for other readers.

Sorry if there are bloggers whose original article I did not include the link, it might be forgotten.

An entrepreneur who tries to make himself useful to be able to create jobs. Starting his own business since 2005 and still struggling … “InsyaAllah” will be a big entrepreneur …

Trying to be a Islam Kaffah, still learning and continuing to learn and more learn about Islam.

Strongly supports the Indonesia Without JIL movement (

Trying to be consistent to use the opensource program for personal needs, and very enthusiastic to participate in socializing the use of FOSS for the people.

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