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This earth was beautiful when the Jews lived on the planet Jupiter

Reading the history of the Jewish nation, there are more negatives than positives, it turns out that bad behavior can decline, because perhaps the Jewish environment is negative.

Ever seen a video of the doctrine of adult Jews to young Jews, how they teach how to treat others, so degrading and full of hatred.

Jews are very fanatical about their nation, they strongly believe in the content of the Torah book which tells them to exterminate people other than the Jewish nation.

History of the Expulsion of the Jews

As a result of the bad behavior of the Jews, we can see in history that the Jews were often expelled.

If you look at previous history, they were expelled:

  • The Egyptian pharaoh expelled the Jews
  • The British expel the Jews
  • France expels Jews
  • Spain expels Jews
  • Germany expels Jews

And currently, especially since England allowed Jews to return to England, Jews have succeeded in controlling the economy, politics and military.

However, history will definitely repeat itself, the Jews will definitely experience expulsion again, because too much damage has been done by the Jewish people. Hopefully they will all move to Planet Jupiter, so that this earth will be beautiful again, without the Jews who like to destroy it.

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