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Please activated your windows

As a member of the academic communityTelkom University , we all have the facilities to get a licenseMicrosoft’s operating system is Windows OS, starting from Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

All employees (lecturers and TPA) as well as students, can download the licensethe operating system there is internal or external site directly tomicrosoft .

It’s a shame, when you’re presenting , it turns out that the windows aren’t active, even though we’re a lecturer.

Not yet active

If this notification comes out, then it means your windows is not yetactivated using an official license.

Actually, if the laptop/pc purchased is already packaged with a Windows OS license, then there is no need to worry, usually it is already activated immediately.

Now the problem is if the laptop is purchased without a license. We have to activate it manually using the official license belonging to Tel-U.

If you are already using an official license but the notification is still there, then there is a problem with the license, it may not match the type.

An easy way to temporarily remove these notifications is by:

  • Open the command line as an administrator
  • Then type “bcedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF”
  • Press enter to execute
  • Restart windows
  • The notification should have disappeared

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