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After Android loses at the European Union Regulator trial, Google is no longer a major search engine

Google will not be the only search engine that is the main choice on Android smartphones, which circulate in Europe. The reason, Google will allow Android users in Europe to choose the default browser and search engine itself when installing their new device for the first time.

This is done in order to comply with the rules of the European Commission regarding Android. Compiled KompasTekno from CNBC, Tuesday (01/14/2020), in 2018 Google was fined 5 billion US dollars (around Rp 68 trillion) by European Union Regulators. That’s because Google is considered to have practiced the monopoly of search engines on mobile phones, without providing alternatives.

In addition to having to pay a fine, the EU Regulator also asked Google to provide an alternative search engine for Android users in the European Union. Nevertheless, Google has also appealed the decision.

Alternative search engines other than Google will be determined through the bidding process. Google will hold an auction to choose a service provider that will be displayed on a selection screen for users based on each country.

When the auction is held, the service provider will state the price they pay each time the user selects them from the selection screen in a particular country. Later each country will have a minimum bid limit. The three highest bidders who meet the bid for a particular country will appear on the selection screen for that country. Although Google considers this to be a fair and objective method, but this auction activity raises several cons and draws criticism.

Ecosia CEO, Christian Kroll, actually said that Google’s decision was contrary to the spirit of the European Commission’s decision in July 2018. Kroll also said that Ecosia would increase its concern over Google’s monopolistic behavior with EU legislators.

DuckDuckGo also criticized the auction, “We believe search preferences are the best way to significantly increase consumer choices if designed properly,” a spokesman said in a statement. Reportedly DuckDuckGo and will appear on the mobile settings page that will be spread in 31 market countries. Whereas Microsoft Bing will emerge as the only choice in the UK. Then search engines like Seznam, from the Czech Republic, Yandex from Russia, and Qwant from France will also appear in several markets that will take effect starting from March 1, 2020.

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