ClearOS and ClearSDN security framework

ClearOS and ClearSDN security framework


ClearOS & ClearSDN security framework is a secured open source Linux based framework for gateway server.

partner-logo-registeredClearCenter (previously Clarkconnect ) from 2003. ClearSDN also enables other cloud based services such as off-site server backup and remote VPN.



Currently ClearOS platform provides and supports includes following modules:

  • Open source firewall with support for multi headed network allowing integration more then one carrier (ex. Bezeq and HOT) or different carrier technologies (ex. ATM and ADSL).
  • Open source site to site and client to site VPN (virtual private networking).
  • Open source IDS (Intrusion detection system) and IPS (Intrusion prevention system) with full integration with the firewall.
  • Open source anti spam system engine (spamassassin based) .
  • Kaspersky award winning anti spam system engine.
  • Open source anti virus system for mail and HTTP (web) based on Clam Antivirus.
  • Kaspersky anti virus system for mail and HTTP (web).
  • Web proxy and content filter for both proxy and transparent mode.
  • Web management interface.

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